Black babies in Detroit die at twice the rate of other babies in Michigan. Moms in Detroit face barriers to accessing quality prenatal care, social isolation, and stress that can put their babies at a higher risk of being born too small or too early.

Together, we can make a difference! SisterFriends Detroit is founded on the belief that:

SisterFriends Detroit is a volunteer effort to support healthier moms and babies. SisterFriends Detroit provides support to pregnant moms, and their families until their baby’s first birthday.

SisterFriends Detroit is not a program. Volunteer SisterFriends connect pregnant moms and families to existing programs and resources – and to each other. Many SisterFriend and Little Sister relationships continue well beyond baby’s first birthday. Once a SisterFriend always a SisterFriend!

SisterFriends Detroit is a part of the Birthing Project USA network. Created by Kathryn Hall-Trujillo, the Birthing Project model of providing volunteer SisterFriend mentors to pregnant moms is the only prenatal care access model created by a woman of color with women of color in mind. It is a grassroots community volunteer movement that helps moms access existing local services and grows community leaders. There are over 100 Birthing Projects in the United States and abroad.

SisterFriends Detroit is the first project created to serve an entire city. We aim to inspire a community led movement to create a circle of care for Detroit families and our future little Detroiters.

SisterFriends Detroit and Make Your Date™ Detroit Partnership

Mayor Duggan’s priority projects to reduce infant mortality, SisterFriends Detroit and Make Your Date™ Detroit, have partnered together to improve the health of moms and babies throughout Detroit. Through this partnership, SisterFriends Detroit and Make Your Date™ Detroit are able to offer many different services to expectant moms who are enrolled in both initiatives.

SisterFriends Detroit offers multiple opportunities for SisterFriends and Little Sisters (expectant moms) to network with their peers and each other. They can also learn about, and plan for, a healthy pregnancy and healthy first year of life after birth for mom and baby through trainings, parenting classes, and Sister Circles (focused on skill building). SisterFriends Detroit also offers access to Lyft transportation services and a free or low-cost Detroit-ID, which can be used to access certain city services and receive discounts at dozens of local businesses in Detroit.

Make Your Date™ Detroit focuses on reducing the number of preterm births in Detroit by providing women with prenatal care, cervical length screening and treatment (if necessary), pregnancy education classes, and group prenatal care. These efforts are coming together to offer Detroit families the best of the clinical and public health worlds: world-class medical care and best practice community-based supports.

As partners, SisterFriends Detroit and Make Your Date™ Detroit will offer the following: