Dear Sisters and Community,

Welcome to the new SisterFriends Detroit website!

The Detroit Health Department is proud to announce SisterFriends Detroit, a volunteer effort to encourage better birth outcomes by supporting pregnant women and their families during pregnancy and for one year after baby’s birth.

SisterFriends Detroit is not a new program, it is a grassroots community volunteer movement that helps moms access over 100 programs in Detroit focused on maternal child health and infant mortality reduction. Created by Kathryn Hall-Trujillo, the Birthing Project volunteer mentor model is the only prenatal care access model created by a woman of color with women of color in mind. By building a community of support for our pregnant mothers, we believe we can work to improve birth outcomes and infant mortality in the Detroit.

SisterFriends Detroit is founded on five fundamental beliefs:

  1. We are our own answer.
  2. Community leadership is possible.
  3. Shared leadership among sisters is important.
  4. Mentorship, connection, love and belonging make a difference.
  5. Together we can inspire a movement to care well for ourselves, our babies and our families.

In the spirit of shared leadership among sisters, SisterFriends Detroit is led by a team of committed women, each with their own pregnancy and birthing experiences. We aim to both be and inspire the change we all need.

So, please join us. We are looking for compassionate, responsible, committed volunteers to become SisterFriends. We welcome community partners. Most importantly, if you are pregnant, we are here to support you. Here on our new site, you will find all the information you need to sign-up, as well as resources for mom, baby, and family health.

Yours in Sisterhood,

Dr. Joneigh Khaldun
Director, Detroit Health Department

Margrit Allen
Program Manager, SisterFriends Detroit


Yolanda Hill-Ashford
Division Director, Healthier Beginnings
Detroit Health Department
Stephanie Young
District Manager
Detroit Department of Neighborhoods